Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

We include a guided snorkel tour at both destinations of Michaelmas Cay and Hastings Reef. Our expert guides who know all the interesting sites at each location will lead the way. We have the latest masks, snorkels and fins from high-quality brands so that you can enjoy snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef without distraction. Snorkel guides tow a life ring behind them, which serves as a reference and additional flotation, should you become tired. Let’s discover and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef together.

Michaelmas Cay

The first snorkel tour

Commences from the beach on Michaelmas Cay, you are transported over in our glass bottom boat, arriving fresh and prepared for your first snorkelling tour. Our talented staff will separate you into small groups, each with its own guide and you can start exploring the underwater world.

Typically, with this tour beginning from a beach, time is provided to become acquainted with the equipment. You have time to fit your mask and snorkel, the buoyancy vest and generally become comfortable before commencing. Initially on starting the tour is very measured, remaining in shallow water until everyone in the group is 100% contented before carefully heading away from the beach. When moving into the deeper waters you will see interesting fish and colourful corals flourish.

After this tour there is ample time to revisit this reef, snorkelling and exploring with only the company of your buddy.

Hastings Reef

The second snorkel tour

Commences from the swim platform at the rear of Seastar.

Anyone who had a successful snorkel at Michaelmas Cay is now more relaxed, confident and well prepared for this reef, requiring less time to prepare. Any previous “novice” snorkellers are now no longer bothered by these deeper waters.

There is plenty to see here, you head off to investigate some of the stunning and challenging areas of this reef. Your guide will take you to visit the “Fish Bowl”, “Seastar Lagoon”, “Nemo Mountain” along with deep water caves, swim throughs and trenches.

Like Michaelmas Cay, there is still ample time to revisit this reef, snorkelling and exploring with your buddy.