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Welcome to SeaStar Cruises

Looking for a reef trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef? Like to try snorkelling or scuba diving or both?

How about 2 tours in the one day!

Seastar Cruises premium reef cruise caters for 36 passengers daily.

Seastar Cruises combines the outer Great Barrier Reef with a coral cay island.

In only 1¼ hours the fast air-conditioned Seastar can take you from Cairns to magnificent Michaelmas Cay, the largest of the local uninhabited coral cays. Cruising past Green Island, Upolu cay and Oyster reef Seastar is the first boat to arrive.

After an enjoyable time here it is a short 20 minute cruise to the splendid Hastings Reef, sitting on the very outer edge. This is where the corals thrive, well out from the coast away from the influence of the rivers and streams, adjacent to the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Michaelmas Cay

An unspoilt coral sand island

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Hastings Reef

A magnificent outer edge reef

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Seastar Cruises Action to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate Change poses one of the greatest threats to coral reefs.

At Seastar Cruises we have implemented strategies to tackle climate change by reducing our carbon emissions. Some examples of this action include:

We minimise waste and recycle whenever possible.
We track our emissions footprint by using the Marine Park Authority emissions calculator and have strategies in place to reduce our emissions.
Our vessel is serviced regularly to maintain optimal fuel efficiency.

We participate with the Marine Park Authority Ears and Eyes on the Reef Sighting Network.

When travelling we encourage our guests to ensure their environmental practices in everyday life are maintained away from home and to use local energy and water efficiently. Check soaps or detergents are biodegradable. Never litter and recycle where you can. Visitors to Australia can choose to offset their travel emissions through organisations such as Climate Friendly that provide emissions calculators for a range of activities.